Time Treasure – Future Tablet Game

Tweet “They have returned” I’m a sucker for a good tag line.  Gary Hayes from MUVEdesign has put out a teaser video for his upcoming, well 2011 release date, game called Time Treasure.  Gary explains more on his blog, but I wanted to add my comments. Gary says: Without giving the plot away, the structure of this […]

Three Things We Can Learn From Disney

Tweet Last year at ISMAR09, the keynote speech from Mark Mine of the Disney Imagineering group, really intrigued me.   I had been a hardcore Disney hater before that, but Mark’s behinds-the-scenes look at the technology of Disney, specifically how they used augmented reality, softened my stance. Cue forward almost one year exactly, in a strange twist […]

Three Fun Things To Do With Augmented Reality

Tweet I can see you’re a little bored (yes, I’ve hacked your webcam) and I’ve scoured the Intertoobs to find some augmented reality to cheer you up.  From free to over one hundred dollars, here are a few ways to inject a little spice into your boring life. Free – AR on Webcams Does it […]

Tasbeeraman – An Augmented Reality Hand Movement Detection Game

Tweet No licensing issues here, really… I applaud the robust hand tracking, but could the game be something new rather than a Pac Man rip-off?  Come on Total Immersion.  You guys are better than this. Learn more on the Total Immersion blog.

Upcoming Qualcomm Developer Challenge

TweetThis fall, Qualcomm is going to host a $200,000 Augmented Reality Developer Challenge.  The details for the challenge haven’t been released yet, but the total amount of prize money should have would-be developers planning their products as we speak.  The challenge will start when they release the Qualcomm AR SDK.  More details can be found […]

Conquar – The Layar Based Strategy Game

TweetToday my wife and kids were ignoring me so I hijacked my wife’s new iPhone.  I’d been curious to try the game on Layar called Conquar.  The idea sounded simple–take control of your city using troops.  Unfortunately, the game IS that simple. The way the game works is this: when you create an account, you’re […]

5 Things To Do With Junaio Glue and LLA Markers

Tweet With the live video access on the iPhone OS 4.0, Metaio is looking to make a splash with its Glue technology in the Junaio AR browser. They would like to show how the iPhone can do more than GPS AR browsing with both image processing and their indoor LLA marker tracking. LLA Markers The LLA […]