6 “Nearest X” Augmented Reality Apps and 5 Ways to Improve

TweetNow that the OS 3.1 is upon us we’re seeing a few more augmented reality apps and some of them are in the category of the “Nearest X” variety.  I’m not saying these apps are necessarily a bad thing, but my fear is that they’ll crash the market as a gimmick and not try to solve […]

Virus Killer 360 – ARGame by Acrossair

TweetThe 360 stands for three-hundred and sixty degrees of real-time gaming. The ARgame from Acrossair will be released on the iPhone app store when the 3.1 OS comes out.  I can’t say how fun the game is since we can only see the video for now, but the game could be a nice time killer when […]

iPhone Augmented Reality Apps in September

TweetIt looks like iPhone will sneak in under Ori’s three month window he gave in the Open Letter to Apple.  While we won’t ever know if the letter had any affect on the secretive company, I’d like to believe it did.  The revelation came from Acrossair, the developer of the Nearest Tube train finder in an email […]