The Digital Sea – Now Available

TweetI’d always thought that writing the novel was the longest part of the publishing process.  Little did I know that publishing it would take about five times as long as writing it.  Still, good things come to those who wait, and I’m proud to announce the digital release of my novel The Digital Sea. For […]

The Myth of Creativity

TweetPerhaps I should title this post, The Myth of the Muse, because that’s really what I’m going to talk about.   As a writer, a blogger, or as an engineer, I am on occasion asked how I come up with my ideas.  The questioner usually prefaces my answer by stating that it is probably: my […]

New Story – Sagan’s Law

TweetI sold this story two years ago.  It was my first story on augmented reality and when the rights reverted back to me a few months ago, I wanted to give people a chance to read it again. Looking back on it, I see the influences of Gibson and our very own augmented reality prophet, […]

Writers of the Future

Tweet Storytelling is an art that changes with each medium.  I started my craft working on novel length stories, but a few years ago I realized that short stories offered a different challenge and as I like to always keep learning and stretch myself, I embarked on learning their craft. Additionally, short stories offer new […]

A World Without Gatekeepers

TweetIt used to be that every industry had its gatekeepers. Music had the fat guys with cigars that Pink Floyd loved to sing about.  Factories had foreman that slapped each other on the back.  Corporations had bosses that controlled resources.  Political parties had precinct captains and party leaders.  And for the last decade, publishing has had […]

The Practice of Failure

Tweet Failure can often be a predictor of future success.  It’s known that a bank is more willing to give a loan to a business person that has previously failed with another business than one right out of the gate (assuming similarly chanced business plans.)  Thomas Edison was said to have failed at the light bulb around […]


TweetBecoming a professional writer and starting up a new company have a lot in common.  Both require skill, luck and most importantly–perseverance. Another thing the two professions have in common is that everyone believes they have that one great novel idea and that one great company idea in them.  If only they could find a […]

The Writer’s Life

TweetMy foray into the blogging business started when I read a brief article in the Economist about augmented reality. After writing a novel based on AR, I started this blog because I thought there was a lot more to talk about the nascent technology and was I ever right.  It’s been about eighteen months of […]