Five Minute Hamlet

TweetMy daughter Zoe, the budding cinematographer, staged a production of Hamlet in Minecraft.   She built the sets, wrote the script, acted, directed, recorded the voice overs, edited the movie, and generally worked her little tail off on the project (with a little help from her younger brother).  Here it is in five-minute fashion, complete with […]

Why Khan and my wife are the two most amazing people I know!

TweetI don’t know Professor Khan.  Not personally, anyway. But he’s had a profound affect on my kids lives.  Heck, I wish he’d been around when I was a kid. So if you don’t know him, you should. You see, he created a university of learning for kids online.  Not only that but he’s done it […]

Kitty Wear – Augmented Ears

TweetThe product is called nicomimi and its made by Neurowear, but it’s probably better named Kitty Wear or something of the sort.  Nicomimi are the post-millennium version of the mood ring and just cool enough to cross-over from the furry crowd. “Neurowear” is the name of our project to develop fashion items and gadgets using brain […]

The Dangers of Computer Vision

Tweet The Dangers of Computer Vision. (I thought about calling this article “The Passive and Insidious Collection of Data with Cameras” or “Should We Fear Facial Recognition?” but I think the current title gets the point across.) Computer algrorithms have reached the point that facial recognition has become easy enough to become common place.  They can even […]

Two AR Links, A Review and a Bonus Video

TweetLife is random and full of amusement. Had a busy, productive week for the current novel project about Alexandria.  Added a few posts to Games Alfresco–one about a new AR RPG called Traveller and another about an interactive billboard.  Also, The Digital Sea got a nice review from the Literary R&R. And last, because I […]