Mirror Shards Anthology – Front Cover Preview































Because the image rocks, I must share it with you.  I’m really blessed with great artists to create my covers and the Mirror Shards anthology won’t be any different.  I love the little details like the image around the eyes (take a close look, I didn’t catch it the first time either.)  And to me, those details are what make it a great cover.  You can keep looking at it time and time again and find new little details that the artist has worked in.   Great job, Greg!

As for the stories of the anthology, I’ve been sending out contracts recently.  I’m really excited to showcase some great stories from some up and coming writers.  And if you’re interested in being a part of it, the deadline is July 8th, which is plenty of time to get a story done.   Read the details here for more information on submitting.

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5 Responses to Mirror Shards Anthology – Front Cover Preview

  1. It’s gorgeous, Tom!

  2. Tom Carpenter says:

    I’m digging it myself. Thanks for stopping by Grayson!

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  4. Sweet! I just read that covers with people are more eye-catching. How ’bout an eye and a skull?

  5. Tom Carpenter says:

    Yeah, I saw that too. I didn’t realize you were on the OWN network until you posted the other day. I knew your name was familiar but I couldn’t figure out why. I assumed I’d read your work somewhere before. 🙂

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