Is This How Strange We Look?

Layar is demonstrating the Pac Man game at the truStockholm Unconferance in this video.  There’s no demonstration of the actual game going on for you to see.  Instead, people are holding up smartphones and wandering around in circles playing the game.  If you didn’t know any better, you might think it was some avant garde performance art piece or synchronized WiFi sweet spot searching.

I’d also like to get in on this Unconferance thing.  No, we’re not really meeting.  We’re just wandering around chatting and looking at the wall.  The fact that there is a slideshow on there is just coincidence.

I guess Orwellian doublespeak isn’t just for governments anymore.  Anyone can get in on the act.


You should try out Layar though. Just not too many of you in the same public place.

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2 Responses to Is This How Strange We Look?

  1. Joey1058 says:

    And this is why AR gaming should be done in large open parks. This video just has “dork alert” all over it.

  2. Tom Carpenter says:

    Over time behavior like this will be more accepted, I think. Just look at how no one bats an eye anymore at the guys with the Bluetooth ear piece talking to themselves.

    Btw, Joey, thanks for the nice review on Sagan’s Law at Amazon. 🙂

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